Drains and Breathers

Drains and Breathers series EWLS protection degree IP66

The drainer and breather EWLS (condensate drain) combines the advantages of the breather ELS with the function of a drainer. By means of the permanent pressure equalization between the enclosure and the control cabinet, heat accumulation is prevented and condensation of water is minimized. Water that has entered the equipment as well as condensation water are drained off automatically via the plug.

The drainer can be screwed tight by the threaded holes of the enclosures with suitable tools, for example open-end wrench, box wrench or socket wrench. The threaded holes should be located on the deepest area. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the intended application and the fitting of the gasket.

Drains series EWS

The drainer EWS transports outside both water that has been entered the equipment and condensation water that has formed because of sudden temperature changes and thus reduces the oxidation of the electronics or the materials.

Breathers series ELS

The breather is attached on the external wall of an enclosure and provides a permanent ventilation. Through the constant pressure compensation in the enclosure/ control box, a heat accumulation is prevented and water condensation minimized.

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