Locks GH02SCHL

Our multi-purpose collection of different locks protects your enclosures and switchboards from being accessible for strangers.


Hebelschlösser GH02Schl001

Cam locks for enclosures

Lid mounting with 2 keys


  • number of closings: 500
  • reversible key: yes
  • kind of lock held: nut
Article numberDescription
GH02-SCHL001-010cam lock with straight bolt
GH02/Schl001/020cam lock with curved bolt

Locks GH02SCHL for enclosure series GH02KS113

The four locks presented on this page have different security levels. In case of need, an 8 mm square lock can be opened with a gripper whereas the cylinder lock can only be opended with the key.

GH02SCHL/Pad001 (special construction for padlock for additional security)
GH02SCHL/Zyli001 (cylinder lock with 2 keys)

Our range of locks covers an 8mm square lock, an 11 mm triangular lock, a cylinder lock of steel and a special construction that prevents illegal access by an aglet and a padlock.

To our enclosures with hinge doors we offer different locks to protect our enclosure against unauthorized access.

order number description
GH02SCHL/4K/08mm 8 mm/ 0.31 inch square lock with adapted key of polyester
GH02SCHL/3K/11mm 11 mm/ 0.43 inch triangular lock with adapted key of polyester
GH02SCHL/PAD001 the enclosure is protected by an aglet and a padlock
GH02SCHL/Zyli001 cylinder lock made of metal with 2 adapted keys
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