Grounding cable

Grounding cable in customized length

We also manufacture all kinds of cables for your enclosure solutions.

Grounding cable type 69999.0001
according to specification:

  • cable as grounding cable (green/yellow)
  • 1. side:  crimped cable eye
  • 2. side:  crimped lug
  • available in customized lengths

Grounding cable type 69999.0002 / 69999.0003 / 69999.0004
according to specification:

  • cable as grounding cable (green/yellow)
  • crimped grommet on both sides
  • available in customized lengths
order numbertotal lengthcross section/ring cable lug
Kab69999.0001-165165 mm/ 6.5 inchM4
Kab69999.0001-300300 mm/ 11.81 inchM4
Kab69999.0002-170170 mm/ 6.69 inch16 mm² / M8
Kab69999.0002-300300 mm/ 11.81 inch16 mm² / M8
Kab69999.0003-170170 mm/ 6.69 inch25 mm² / M8
Kab69999.0003-300300 mm/ 11.81 inch25 mm² / M8
Kab69999.0004-170170 mm/ 6.69 inch4 mm² / M8

Grommet in customized lenght

  • 275 mm/ 10.83 inch long
  • cable 10 mm² green/yellow, completely crimped grommet on both ends with 6,5 mm/ 0.26 inch eye
order numbertotal length
Kab54380.0001-275 Ringöse275 mm/ 10.83 inch

Ribbon earther KAB/FBE

Ribbon earther KAB/FBE consist of a tin-plated copper mesh and are available in various lengths and cross-sections with pressed on contact sleeves.
Ribbon earther counteract the current displacement effect at high frequencies, thus offering extremely high connection options.

order numberlengthcross-section
KAB/FBE/M6/10100100 mm/ 3.94 inch10 mm²
KAB/FBE/M6/10200200 mm/ 7.87 inch10 mm²
KAB/FBE/M6/10300300 mm/ 11.81 inch10 mm²
KAB/FBE/M6/16150150 mm/ 5.91 inch16 mm²
KAB/FBE/M8/16200200 mm/ 7.87 inch16 mm²
KAB/FBE/M8/16300300 mm/ 11.81 inch16 mm²
KAB/FBE/M8/16450450 mm/ 17.72 inch16 mm²
KAB/FBE/M8/16500500 mm/ 19.69 inch16 mm²
KAB/FBE/M8/16600600 mm/ 23.62 inch16 mm²
KAB/FBE/M8/25150150 mm/ 5.91 inch25 mm²
KAB/FBE/M8/25200200 mm/ 7.87 inch25 mm²
KAB/FBE/M8/25300300 mm/ 11.81 inch25 mm²
KAB/FBE/M8/25450450 mm/ 17.72 inch25 mm²
1 packing unit = 10 pieces

Optionally matching earthing kits are available

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