Wall latches

For aluminum enclosures GH0AL001, AL003, AL007 and polyester enclosures GH02KS103:

for GH02AL001:

  • order number GH02AL007/WL suitable for enclosure GH02AL001-003-110 

for GH02AL007:

  • order number GH02AL007/WL suitable for enclosure GH02AL007/010-920

The wall latches for the enclosures GH02AL003 and GH02KS103 are available in 2 different sizes:

for GH02AL003:

  • order number GH02AL003/WL1 suitable for enclosure GH02AL003/060-120
  • order number GH02AL003/WL2 suitable for enclosure GH02AL003/130-400

for GH02KS103:

  • order number GH02KS103/WL1 suitable for enclosure GH02KS103/030-120
  • order number GH02KS103/WL2 suitable for enclosure GH02KS103/130-260

drawing for GH02AL003 and GH02KS103 as PDF-File ->

GH02AL007-WL suitable for GH02AL007 and GH02AL001

GH02KS002/WL: wall latches/ mounting plate for GH02KS002 (see picture below)  
Also suitable for GH02KS022

Wall mount bracket for DIN rails

Item No.0669000610
70 mm/ 105 mm/ 1570 mm wide

Also suitable for enclosure series:

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