Mast clamp

Mast clamps are used for mounting enclosures on a round base (e.g. masts, aerials and rods).

It can be used for round objects with a diameter of 27 mm up to 60 mm, no matter what surface.

The mast clamp is made of sheet steel and hot-dip galvanized.

This robust material and finishing and the low weight of 180 g makes its using possible almost everywhere.

order number Mastklemme010

  • material hot-dip galvanized
  • weight: with screws 180 g
  • possible diameters of the round base: 27 - 60 mm/ 1.06 - 2.36 inch
  • powdercoating possible
  • outdoor suitable

If you like to have the mast clamp in another colour, we can do the powder coating for you.

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