Breathers and drains IP64 (climate nozzles, climate plug)

Technical data:

connection thread:M25x1,5
wrench size:27 mm (1.06 inch) (nozzle) and
30 mm (1.18 inch) (locknut)



degree of protection:

IP 64


green (ex-version)
gray (no ex-version)

weight:0,014 kg


green EWLS adapted for ex-area

temperature range:

-20 up to +70°C

included in scope of delivery:

breather incl. locknut made of plastic and sealing ring

Article numbers:

article number thread size SW mm (inch) L1 mm (inch) L2 mm (inch) H mm (inch)
EWLS-M25X1-5-MG/1 M25 x 1,5 27 (30) 21,5 (0.84 inch) 14,5 (0.57 inch) 36 (1.41 inch)
EWLS-M25X1-5-MG/b M25 x 1,5 27 (30) 21,5 (0.84 inch) 14,5 (0.57 inch) 36 (1.41 inch)



  • the drainer and breather combines the advantages of the breather with the function of a drainer
  • heat accumulation is prevented and condensation of water is minimized
  • penetrating water or condensate is discharged
  • plug should be placed at the lowest point of the enclosure
    (Here you have to look after the intended charge and hub of the gasket)

Functional principle:

Temperature-related pressure differences between the interior of the enclosure (P1) and the ambient atmosphere (P2) are reliably equalized via the drainer and breather. Thus the condensation of water inside the enclosure is reduced to a minimum.

Water that has entered the equipment is drained off via the drainer and breather.

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