Plastic Enclosures

4-Modul-enclosure Series 700

Module enclosures for M36-DIN standard rails. The series 700 is available in different colours and with customized upper parts. Other options include lids, printed boards, customized labels and boxes. Both vertical and horizontal printed boards are possible. A closed version without terminals is also available. Potentiometers and spindles are available according to the enclosure height. Optional available as sealable version through 2 holes on the left and on the right (in upper and bottom part). Wall fastening is possible with 2 optional available brackets.

Advertisments can be realized with light guides as well as with FOILtronic-status indicator. The second solution simplifies the assembly work and it offers the integration of buttons.

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4-Module-Enclosures for M36-DIN-Standard Rails Series 700, Skizze
Upper part
Material Lexan 940
Color grey (RAL 7035)
Inscription in the desired colour by laser marking (for realised sample have a look at series 1050)
Max. temperature 100°C
Label size 41.0 / 1.61 x 65.0 mm / 2.56 inch
Burning behaviour Acc. to UL94-VO
Base part
Material Noryl VO 1550
Color black (RAL 7021)
Max. temperature 100°C
Max. cable cross section 2 x 2.5 mm²
Max. rated current 10A (higher rated currents upon request)
Terminals 24 screwable or pluggable
Mounting DIN-standard rail (EN50022)
Burning behaviour Acc. to UL94-VO
measure in mm / inch
  L B / W H
enclosure: 70 / 2.76 86 / 3.39 58 / 2.28
printed board: 64 / 2.52 82 / 3.23 1.6 / 0.06
Label: 70.0mm / 2.76 inch (4 Module)

Upper part:


Transparent lid available
Download as PDF file

Printed board measure
Download as PDF file

Type 700: Order code:
Enclosure complete, closed, no terminals 4969010700
Enclosure complete, 257 for pluggable terminals 4969010701
Enclosure complete, 605 for screwable terminals 4969010702
Enclosure complete 605, knockout blanks 4969010703
Enclosure complete 605 with ventilation 4969010704
Enclosure complete 257, with ventilation 4969010705
Enclosure complete, closed with ventilation 4969010706
Enclosure complete 605, knockout blanks/ventilated 4969010707
wall mounting tabs 0669000610
Transparent lid for 700 4969001700
terminal for 700, 256/12, cable part 1155612080
terminal for 700, 257/12, HO/A, printed board part 1155712580
Packing for 700 2068700001
terminal for 700, 605/12, screwable 3950141208
Light guide for series 700 4972011259
Screw/self-cutting 2 pieces 7006102965

All measure are given in mm.

Laser Marking

The terminal labeling is continuous and efficient means of laser marking.
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Laser Marking
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