Digital mobile TV cart DGW made by WÖHR

Digitaler Gerätewagen DGW

Wide range of applications: Production, industry, medicine, and much more

The Digital Equipment Cart (DGW) by WÖHR is particularly characterised by its versatile application possibilities. Be it as a carrier of a service PC in your production halls, as a mobile workstation in the industry or for mobile use in the medical sector. The DGW is designed for demanding tasks requiring maximum flexibility and combines mobility with operational readiness and ergonomics in an attractive and high-quality design.

For the medical sector: Outstanding hygiene properties

The surface of the Digital Equipment Cart is easy to clean and disinfect. Overall, the hygiene properties of the DGW have been optimised to ensure that it effortlessly meets the requirements of the health care system.


Ergonomic work in every situation

The equipment cart naturally has an electronically height-adjustable work surface. In conjunction with the infinitely height-adjustable and tiltable VESA mount, ergonomic work is possible anytime and anywhere.

Always ready for use - DGW Your mobile assistant
Thanks to the two power connections, which can be set independently of each other to the required operating voltage, the digital equipment cart is characterised by its permanent availability and operational readiness. This is further enhanced by its ability to exchange the battery during operation, a so-called hot-swap feature. In addition, the rubberised rollers of the DGW have a brake function that ensures additional safety when working with it.

All of this, together with the wide range of accessories and mounting options on the tabletop, makes the DGW the ideal everyday aid and round off your mobile assistants.

Benefit from the described advantages of the digital equipment cart and enhance their efficiency and well-being at the same time. Offer them a safe and ergonomic workplace with the DGW, even where this would not be possible otherwise. DGW, the mobile assistant, makes it possible!

Technical data:


height top edge of table top:
746 mm - 1146 mm (29.3 - 45.11 inch)
height VESA bracket in middel position:
1133 mm - 1533 mm (44.6 - 60.4 inch)
Adjustment range VESA bracket:
200 mm (7.87 inch)
stepless height adjustable and tiltable


30kg (66.14lb) (fully extended version)

Battery capacity:

up to 1200 Wh/46,5 Ah
(400Wh/15,5 Ah per accumulator)

Battery life:

up to 18h
(with a steady load from 60 Watt)

Output voltage1:

adjustable on 05 V/12 V/19 V/24 V
(4A max.)

Output voltage2:

adjustable on 05 V/12 V/19 V/24 V
(4A max.), optioal special voltage

Storage temperature:

-15°C up to +60°C max. 90%
not condensing

Operating temperature:

0°C up to +40°C max. 90% not condensing

Base TV cart include:

3x connection for battery
1x battery
2x battery blind cover (magnetically)
1x charging station
1x electrically height-adjustable

Data sheet:

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