Customer projects ALU-COMPACT

Alu-Compact enclosure as a test and simulation device

Alu-Compact enclosure as a test and simulation device

Alu-Compact enclosure in use as a test and simulation device for light conditions and sources.

  • dimensions:
    590 x 470 x 120 mm
    (23.22 x 18.50 x 4.72 inch)
  • black, powder-coated

Enclosure with function profile M4

    • customized drilling in the M4 profile to be able
      to mount additional components
    • more information about function profile M4
      you can find here ->

    ALU-COMPACT H100 Article No.2980100064

    Customized enclosure ALU-COMPACT H100

    • matched for circuit board measure 280 x 230 mm/ 11.02 x 9.06 inch
    • all side naturally anodized
    • cutting edges blank
    • 1x ALU-COMPACT-profile (100,0 mm/ 3.94 inch high), sawed off to end measure 280,2 mm/ 11.03 inch
    • inclusive mechanical machining and removable plate "above"
    • inclusive end pieces (colour blue)
    • inclusive trim set (colour blue)
    • inclusive screw set M3
    • inclusive front profile with caulking strip

    ALU-COMPACT H40 Article No.2320100025

    Customized enclosure ALU-COMPACT H40

    • all sides naturally anodized
    • cutting edges blank
    • inclusive front edge profile S1,5
    • inclusive end pieces
    • inclusive screw set M3

    ALU-COMPACT H50 Article No.2330100003

    Customized enclosure ALU-COMPACT H50

    • circuit board 100 x 100 mm/ 3.94 x 3.94 inch for hat rail mounting
    • all sides naturally anodized
    • cutting edges blank
    • front plate monochrome printed (RAL9005) and mechanical machined
    • back plate inclusive mechanical machining
    • inclusive 4 end pieces, straight in black
    • inclusive cover
    • design "flower" in black

    ALU-COMPACT H40 Article No.2320100029a

    Customized enclosure ALU-COMPACT H40

    • external measurements  185 x 140 x 40 mm/ 7.28 x 5.51 x 1.57 inch
    • surface naturally anodized
    • drillings and outbursts according to customer specification
    • inclusive 4 end pieces, blue
    • inclusive trim set, blue
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