ALU-PRIMUS-P4-WL – with wall brackets

ALU-PRIMUS-P4-WL – with wall brackets

The ALU-PRIMUS-P4-WL enclosure serie impresses with the high degree of protection IP67, which is achieved through the 4mm thick end plates including silicone gasket (optionally neoprene) becomes. Equally special is the intelligent preparation for fastening printed circuit boards, where not only can horizontal and assembly boards be inserted into the grooves provided, but also vertically. Also noteworthy is the development of the exterior design, it was deliberately based on grooves and edges are omitted. As a result, the ALU-PRIMUS-P4 enclosure can also be used in areas with high hygiene requirements is easy to clean. The integrated wall brackets for wall mounting is the special feature of the P4-WL version.

The aluminum enclosure with wall brackets is also available in a cost-effective version with a reduced IP protection class.

Technical data:

profile and front plate material:

gasket made of silicone
(optionally neoprene)

Temperature range silicone gasket:-60 to +230°C
Temperature range neoprene gasket:-35 to +120°C

degree of protection:

IP65, 66 and 67

degree of protection low cost version:

colour:on request


suitable foil keyboards, mechanical processing, input systems, surface finishing (EMI, ESD, MED, ...) and much more are possible at any time (on request)

special features:

front plate 4mm thick incl. silicone gasket (optionally neoprene), contrasting colour, as standard or customized

special features low cost version:

with wall brackets, as standard or customized

Article numbers:

Here you can find an overview
(with wall bracket).

Article numbers:

Here you can find an overview
(low cost with wall bracket).

Acessories for ALU-PRIMUS-P4 and P4-WL:

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