ALU-PRIMUS - the allrounder enclosure

The closed profile enclosure for rugged conditions

The closed aluminum profile, has a clever interior design for mounting PCBs.
Thus, you not only can insert horizontal PCBs into its respective groove,
you also can insert a limited number of vertical PCBs.

ALU-PRIMUS - the allrounder enclosure

When developing the exterior design, we have consciously dispensed with
grooves and edges. That's why the ALU housing can be used in industries with high
hygiene requirements like the food industry and is excellently suited for medical
applications. Cleaning and disinfecting this housing series are thus very easy.
Due to its high ingress protection (on request up to IP54), it can also be cleaned
with large quantities of liquids. The surface consists of a post-compacted anodized coating, which also meets high requirements.

To use the ALU-PRIMUS housing in a visible area, the user can opt cornerpieces which also feature impact protection for desgin, anti-slip surface, stackability and/ or compatibility with mounting brackets.

Due to the basic principle of a continuous casting profile, you can choose any length of housing. For the width and height, we offer commonly used sizes.

Technical data:


enclosure made of aluminum
end/corner pieces made of ABS
gasket made of PU-foam
screws M3 made of stainless steel or zinc-plated

degree of protection:

IP 54 or IP65 - to VDE 0470 / DIN 40050 /
EN 60529


on request

burning behaviour (end pieces):


circuit board levels:

depending on enclosure height


suitable foil keyboards, mechanical processing, input systems, surface finishing, EMS (EMI, ESD, MED, ...) and much more are possible at any time

special features:

as standard or customized processed





Choose between customized and standard:

ALU-PRIMUS customized:

  • profile height:
    28,2 mm (PCB-wide: 50 mm)
    32 mm (PCB-wide: 65 mm)
    35 mm (PCB-wide: 80 or 100 mm)
    45 mm (PCB-wide: 80 or 100 mm)
    50 mm (PCB-wide: 130 mm)
    60 mm
    (PCB-wide: 100, 130 or 160 mm)

    1.11 inch (PCB-wide: 1.96 inch)
    1.25 inch (PCB-wide: 2.55 inch)
    1.37 inch
    (PCB-wide: 3.14 or 3.93 inch)
    1.77 inch
    (PCB-wide: 3.14 or 3.93 inch)
    1.96 inch (PCB-wide: 130 mm)
    2.36 inch
    (PCB-wide: 3.93, 5.11 or 6.29 inch)

  • length according to customer requirements

  • More details about the product and accessories

Article numbers:

Acessories for ALU-PRIMUS:

Customer projects ALU PRIMUS:

Here you can find customized projects.

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