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Our services in the field of enclosures

For the realization of your projects, there is a great variety of standard enclosures as well as a wide range of processing methods at our disposal.
The advantages for you, our customers, are clear -- make use of them!

  • manufacturer-independent consulting on the basis of your specifications
  • good knowledge of the markets and experience for many years
  • very large number of perfectly styled enclosures both from our own development and fabrication and from worldwide acquisition.
    This often results in advantageous prices because we select enclosures whose basic design is already close to the desired part. Moreover, our customers appreciate the great variety of possible designs given by that fact and the different appearance compared with widespread enclosures of other manufacturers
  • for modifications in large scale manufacture or ones which are extremely difficult to realize, we offer our customers a cost-optimised solution by means of interchangeable tools designed in close cooperation with the respective enclosure manufacturers
  • unproblematic implementation and processing of customer-specified foreign products
  • naturally, you can also use our processing service for enclosures that are placed at your disposal
  • development and manufacturing of accessories of all kinds (e.g. sheet metal forming)
  • good prices because of worldwide delivery contracts and large quantities
  • development and fabrication of enclosure and input systems up to complex complete solutions

The standard enclosures can be processed in our company using the following methods:

  • milling/drilling/punching
  • wet- and powder varnishings
  • front foils and foil keyboards
  • EMI- and ESD-coatings
  • silk-screen and tampon printing
  • mounting of certificated assemblies
  • and many more...

Make use of this great variety of finishing possibilities and of our service, upon request even as EXPRESS SERVICE!

Our experienced project teams are looking forward to receiving your specifications!

And: Make the comparison – who else offers such a wide range of services?

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