Plastic Enclosures

Scanner and antenna enclosure

Scanner- and Antenna Enclosures SPA-1 and SPA-2

This antenna enclosure can be screwed with its base on any enclosure. It is fixed on our enclosures on the removable covers of the front side. The enclosure can be overturned 180° with ratchet and is prepared for:

1) GPS- and telephone-antenna and 1D or 2D Laser-Scanner

2) biometrical chip and card reader

3) biometrical chip and 1D or 2D scanner.

The parts can be installed as in 1) to 3) as a whole or individually. A broad foil cable can be led trough the axis and the base.

Technical data

dimensions72 x 77,5 x 22,6 mm
2.83 x 3.05 x 0.89 inch
materialABS (material change possible)
colorlight gray RAL 7035
black RAL 9005
protection degreeup to IP54 according to EN 60529
also contacts for charging station
explosion protectedon demand
surface resistance4 x 10 (high 14) Ohm according DIN 53482
dielectrical strength24 kV/mm according to DIN 53481
flammabilityUL94HB (V0 possible)
boring in axis7,5 mm diameter
weightca. 47 g
Face with slot for card reader
with front side windows for 1D or 2D laser scanner, GPS and phone antenna
top with glove's breakthrough for biometric chip and end with slot for card reader, top with breakthrough biometric chip

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Overview of the scanner- and antenna enclosure
  painted acc. to RAL
price category(PG1)
painted acc. to RAL
price category(PG2)
painted acc. to RAL
price category(PG3)
enclosure x x x
EMI-version x    
ESD-version x    
MED-version x    
AMIK®-version (antimicrobial) x    
NAWARO®-version (made of bioplastics)
SILVERlook-version x    
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