Plastic Enclosures

1-Modul-enclosure Series 175

1-Module-Enclosures for M36-DIN-Standard Rails Series 175

This new enclosure series is as standard supplied with ventilation slots and is designed for forward-looking applications as e.g. LON-devices, modules for building-automation and equipment, light regulations, control technique, high-voltage protectors...
This enclosure series is easily mounted on the DIN-top hat rails and its installation width is only 17.5mm/ 0.69 inch.

For the assembly of the enclosure components no screws are required. The plates which are already equipped with connectors and components are simply inserted, then the parts of the enclosure are joint with clips.

The cables can be connected with usual 3-pin terminal screws which can be provided by us.

Inside the enclosure, there is enough space for one horizontally mounted board or for vertical boards, if components with considerable height
(e.g. transformers, relays...) are to be included.  The front panel can be processed according to the customer’s specifications in order to include e.g. connectors, LEDs and switches. Moreover, various forms of finishing are available at low cost, such as silk screen printing, varnishing, front foils or foil keyboards. The enclosure is suitable for a max. current of 25A and is as standard delivered in fine light grey ABS-synthetic material, which is self-extinguishing acc. to UL94-V0.



Upper section: 

  • from plastic ABS Ul94-v0, self-extinguishing
  • color:  Ral 7035 light-grey
  • inscription: in the desired colour by laser marking (for realised sample have a look at series 1050)  
  • temperature range:  up to +70 degrees Celsius
  • without clamps
  • for screwable connectors version 605
  • for pluggable connectors versions 256 and 257
  • closed version for individual mechanical processing

Bolting device: 

  • from plastic Delrin
  • color:  Ral 7021 black-grey
  • temperature range:  up to +85 degrees Celsius
  • max. wire strength 2x2.5qmm
measure in mm / inch
  L B / W H
enclosure: 89,2 / 3.51 17,5 / 0.69 53,0 / 2.09
printed board
base: 86,6 / 3.41 14,6 / 1.33 1,6 / 0.06
top: 61,6 / 2.42 14,6 / 0.57 1,6 / 0.06
side: 60,5 / 2.39 33,9 / 0.57 1,6 / 0.06
Label: 17,5mm / 0.69 inch (2 Module)
Type 175: part number:
enclosure complete, 257, for pluggable terminals, with one PCB-level 4969001757
enclosure complete, 605, for screwable terminals, with one PCB-level 4969001750
enclosure complete, 605, for screwable terminals, with two PCB-levels 4969001752
enclosure complete, closed, no terminals 4969001755
packing for series 175 2068175000*
terminals 605/3, fixed 3950143108
terminals 256/3, for wire part 1155603080
terminals 257/3, HO/A, PCB part 1155703580

* minimum quantity 1000 pcs

Laser Marking

The terminal labeling is continuous and efficient means of laser marking.
For more information on the technology of laser marking you can find here ->

Laser Marking
Laser Marking

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