Aluminum Enclosures

Intelligently prepared aluminum enclosures for the fast and easy installation of components.


With the ALU-ECOPAC, we can offer you a low-cost and robust alternative to the successful ALU-COMPACT profile enclosure, if a visible application is not relevant. 

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With our aluminum enclosure ALU-COMPACT in prefabricated standard dimensions from stock, the installation of your components is easy to handle - no mechanical treatment is necessary.


The closed profile enclosure without grooves, flutes and angles can be applied excellently in spaces with high hygienical standards, e. g. the food industry or the medical engineering.


Well-proved front plate solution for small enclosures with very easy assembly of the electronics in the aluminum housing - particularly for components with apertures.

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The ALU-MONITOR can be designed and combined like a tailor-made aluminum enclosure without further treatment. The monitor enclosures have circumferentially the same aluminum profie elements, which are screwed with four solid stainless steel angles.   


The innovative monitor enclosure impresses with many versions concerning design and function, combined with unlimited possibilities concerning the size. 

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All components are fixed by visible construction method on the aluminum back side of this monitor housing. The enclosure frame is simply put over the assembly group and screwed from behind.

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Steles enclosures

Steles enclosures for stand systems with flexible aluminum profiles for large screen diagonals.

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The PrioLine enclosures are also based on different aluminum profiles which can be combined in almost unlimited ways. The enclosures can be adapted to indivdual requirements and requests because of their modular construction.


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