Aluminum enclosure from Wöhr - customized or standard

The daily routine in industrial and medical surroundings means severe conditions for PC`s.

Just think of:

  • Electromagnetic and electrostatic attacks
  • Temperature fluctuations / heat and cold
  • Vibrations, shocks, shock loads
  • Dirt, dust, humidity
  • and many more

All these influences ask for concepts designed for industrial use, to avoid errors and failures of control devices and thus to eliminate dangers for men and machines.

Everywhere in the industrial or medical sector where measuring, adjusting, controlling and testing are required, the enclosure systems developed and manufactured by Wöhr are ideal solutions.

We offer standard versions at reasonable prices, but we consider the development and fabrication of cost-optimized solutions designed for your specific application as one of our strong points.

Using our aluminum enclosures the following devices and systems for industrial applications can be manufactured:

  • panel industrial PC’s
  • visualisation units
  • BDE terminals
  • all-in-one-computers
  • panel display units
  • rack- and top hat rail computers
  • computers for wall mounting and 19 inch racks
  • customized solutions

Various ready-made designs are at your disposal

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