Pressure compensation elements

The pressure compensation elements of series GH02/DAE serve for the aeration and deaeration of components, especially of enclosures.
Suitable drainage plugs can you find here ->

Pressure compensation elements made of stainless steel
Pressure compensation elements made of plastic

This is especially important to avoid damage to built-in components caused by condensation. The genesis of condensation is attributed to temperature fluctuation/ pressure peak. Especially our degree of latitude is known for temperature fluctuation which predominantly occurs in spring and autumn. Despite warm temperatures over the day, it quickly cools down at night. At this point the problem occurs that the hot air cannot escape out off the components or the enclosures without pressure compensation elements. There is no possibility for the air to cool down constantly with the outside temperature which causes condensation inside of the components or the enclosures. As a consequence condensation can damage internal components.

In components or enclosures with integrated pressure compensation elements the generation of condensation is prevented through the air permeability of the components.

An important performance feature of the pressure compensation elements is therefore the high air flow rate combined with high water retention capacity. Thus the internal pressure of closed enclosures is adapted to  the ambient pressure, and at the same time, water penetration is prevented. This pressure compensation is also possible in conjunction with screwed cable glands ("breathing cable gland").

In addition, we provide elements which dissipate the water from the housing interior and optionally at the same time equalize the pressure.

There are thus 3 possibilities:

  • pressure compensation elements from the series GH02/DAE
  • cable connectors with integrated pressure equalization from the series GH02/KVDAE
  • drainage and venting nozzle from the series EWS and EWLS

Degrees of impermeability attainable with these pressure compensation elements: IP66, IP68 and IPX9-k.

This is technically realized by means of a membrane foil integrated into the element, which is permeable to air on both sides and permeable to water on one side.

Different versions are available which differ in

  • material (polyamide, stainless steel V2A (1.4305), stainless steel V4A (1.4404) and special plastic (UV-resistant)
  • color (black RAL9005 or RAL 7035 light gray)
  • thread length (6,6 or 10 mm )
  • counter nuts are available
order number<brpressure compensation elements material color for screw thread connection thread length
GH02/DAE/K/M12a POLYAMIDE black M12x1,5 6,6 mm/ 0.26 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M/12aUV POLYAMIDE black M12x1,5 6,6 mm/ 0.26 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M12b POLYAMIDE gray M12x1,5 6,6 mm/ 0.26 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M/12bUV POLYAMIDE gray M12x1,5 6,6 mm/ 0.26 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M12c POLYAMIDE black M12x1,0 6,6 mm/ 0.26 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M12d POLYAMIDE gray M12x1,0 6,6 mm/ 0.26 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M12e POLYAMIDE black M12x1,5 10 mm/ 0.39 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M/12eUV POLYAMIDE black M12x1,5 10 mm/ 0.39 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M12f POLYAMIDE gray M12x1,5 10 mm/ 0.39 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M/12fUV POLYAMIDE gray M12x1,5 10 mm/ 0.39 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M/GMga POLYAMIDE gray M12x1,5
GH02/DAE/K/M/GMsa POLYAMIDE black M12x1,5
GH02/DAE/K/M40g POLYAMIDE gray M40x1,5 18 mm/ 0.71 inch
GH02/DAE/K/M40s POLYAMIDE black M40x1,5 18 mm/ 0.71 inch
GH02/DAE/M/M12 stainless steel V2A M12x1,5 10 mm/ 0.39 inch
GH02/DAE/M/M12/1 stainless steel V2A M12x1,5 6,6 mm/ 0.26 inch
GH02/DAE/EXM/M12a* stainless steel V2A* M12x1,5
GH02/DAE/EXM/M12b* stainless steel V2A* M12x1,5
GH02/DAE/M/M/GM stainless steel V2A M12x1,5
GH02/DAE/M/M12a stainless steel V4A M12x1,5 10 mm/ 0.39 inch
GH02/DAE/M/M/GMa stainless steel V4A M12x1,5
* EX-proofed versions made of stainless steel.
permission: Ex II 2G Ex e IIC Gb / Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC DbIBExU 10 ATEX 1169 U
temperature range -40 °C up to + 100°C

Additional information:

  • Usually, 1 pressure compensation element per enclosure is sufficient, but this depends on environmental factors as well as on the sensitivity of the electronic devices present; we would therefore recommend that you carry out your own tests in any case.
  • Chemical and solvent resistance of the membrane foil according to DIN EN ISO 2812-1
    (determination of the resistance against liquids, test method 1 (dipping method)

Properties of the membrane foil:

  • air flow rate: 0.4 l/min at 0.1 bar Delta P to 5.0 l/min at 1 bar Delta P
  • water entry pressure:   up to 1.0 bar
    (this can be increased up to 1.5 bar. For this purpose, you are required to order an IP68-enclosure and the respective individual degree of protection test)
  • temperature stability:    -40°C to +120°C (as integrated part of an installation)
  • dust proofness acc. to EN 60529:2000
  • water jet protection and protection against permanent immersion EN 60529:2000
  • protection against high pressure/steam jet cleaning acc. to DIN 40050
test liquid duration of the impact (at 23°C) change
premium fuel 15 min none
diesel fuel 30 min none
engine oil 1 h none
water (dest.) 1 h none
brake fluid 1 h none
interior cleaner 1 h none

Air passage test:

The pressure compensation element was screwed in into a thread adapter and subjected to a defined quantity of air by means of a mass flow controller 5 LN/MIN and/or 20 LN/MIN made by Bronkhorst. In doing so, the air pressure was measured with a pressure sensor PMP 4070 from the same company shortly in front of the pressure compensation element.

The following amounts of air, as a function of the air pressure, were determined:

air pressure inside the enclosure air passage
0,1 bar 0,8 l/min
0,2 bar 1,5 l/min
0,3 bar 2,2 l/min
0,4 bar 2,9 l/min
0,5 bar 3,7 l/min
0,6 bar 4,4 l/min
0,7 bar 5,2 l/min
0,8 bar 6,0 l/min
0,9 bar 6,8 l/min
1,0 bar 7,6 l/min
Item nomber Air permeability Tightening torque
300 mbar rel. 200 mbar rel. 100 mbar rel. 50 mbar rel.
GH02/DAE/K/M/12aUV 14.0 l/min 7.9 l/min 3.5 l/min 1.6 l/min 1.0 Nm
GH02/DAE/K/M/12bUV 14.0 l/min 7.9 l/min 3.5 l/min 1.6 l/min 1.0 Nm
GH02/DAE/K/M/12eUV 14.0 l/min 7.9 l/min 3.5 l/min 1.6 l/min 1.0 Nm
GH02/DAE/K/M/12fUV 14.0 l/min 7.9 l/min 3.5 l/min 1.6 l/min 1.0 Nm

The above statements do not absolve our customers from testing the suitability for the intended area of application in each case. Our products are at any time subject to technical alterations without prior notice. Every liability is disclaimed with respect to application technology advice.

Additionally, we refer to our general terms and conditions, which  you can find here in their latest version.